The Perfect Jozi Girl’s Night Out

The thing about karaoke is that either you love it- or you hate it. What then, do all the friend groups and loved-up couples do when the Shania of the group is itching to get on stage but her loved ones… not so much? Off I went on Saturday night for the first time ever to Phaze Karaoke Restaurant in Randview Shopping Centre. If you’re thinking, ‘What the actual fuck is Randview Shopping Centre,’ you’re not alone. I also had no clue. It’s that slightly out of place but ridiculously addictive Chi

Everything is Better Naked

There is certainly no shortage of coffee shops in our beautiful city. To find one that sets itself apart with something other than high-speed Wi-Fi can therefore be a challenge. On Saturday, I found myself settling into Naked Kitchen and Coffee Bar in Morningside to get some work done, and this amazing new space casually blew me away in no time. Once I’d decided on a coffee and freshly squeezed juice, I couldn’t help but obsess over the entire space. Seated next to the kitchen, I inhaled the ai

Jozi’s New Crepe Parlour and Waffle Bar

There are few things I love as much in this world as the combination of eating something both perfectly sweet and salty. With this in mind, I headed off to a new Morningside addition, Rather Tart. This beautiful restaurant has combined all the best things in the world and now serves it up from inside a colourful and warm space in Morningview Shopping Centre. You might remember Rather Tart from the Greenside Market which graced the strip a few years ago, or perhaps you’ll remember drunkenly devo

Jozi’s Greek Street Food Fix

Those of us who have been fortunate enough to stumble, drunk, into the queue of Soul Souvlaki at a day festival in Jozi, or come across the flagship store on the beautiful streets of Maboneng, know how delicious and special this Greek experience is. Just under a month ago, the second Soul Souvlaki store opened in Craighall. Hiding in an other-worldly courtyard setting on Jan Smuts Avenue, you’ll find the black awning and inviting stools of Soul Souvlaki, with equally cute Chinese and Italian of

For the Love of All Things Retro

If, like me, you can’t help but walk into every antique store you come across in the hopes of finding a treasure, it’s time you paid a visit to RetroSpecive in Linden. This colourful space has all the components that make up a successful antiquing adventure- records, typewriters, furniture and accent pieces-  without any of the rummaging and dust that most of these kinds of stores require you to push through. Sitting happily next to Gravity Cafe in The Oaks on 4th Avenue, it’s often you’ll fin

Farm Table

Farm Table has settled in on Linden 6th Street, and to say it makes me feel giddy to live in this freshly bustling neighbourhood is an understatement. The store is a supplier of only the finest local produce, and quite literally enables you to have farm-fresh, hormone free goodies in your home. Whether you’re looking for eggs that come from happily free-to-roam chickens, milk that is fresher than you’ve likely tasted before, or a juice cleanse that is as delicious as it is effective, they have

What a Beautiful Chocolate... Shop

This past weekend, following an unbelievable breakfast at Salvation Cafe in 44 Stanley, boyfriend and I wandered into a chocolate shop only a few meters away and had ourselves a damn time. Chocoloza, which I foolishly didn’t even know existed, opened in December 2016 and boasts an exceptional array of chocolates; all of which are preservative and palm oil free. They’re all also sugar free except for the caramel. Everything else is made with glucose. A genius woman helped us navigate our option

Secret Sunday Brunch at The Cookery

After writing a post about 5 brunch spots worth a visit in Jozi, I got an email from a man named Emilio asking if I’d like to visit Secret Sunday Brunch at The Cookery in the Colony centre. Show me someone who has turned down brunch and I’ll show you someone sans a soul.   With that, me and three of my favourites dragged our asses and our hangovers (thank you, Good Luck Bar) out of bed on Sunday morning and headed to a cooking class/party/cocktail session.   I had never heard of The Cook

Vlismas Takes A Hit At White Privilege

On Saturday I went to a John Vlismas comedy show called ‘The Good Racist’, only to be bombarded a few days later by the social media frenzy surrounding the latest battle being fought by black youth just over the pond in Pretoria. In case you've missed it (which we doubt as social media is in a worthwhile uproar over racist double-standards in the schooling system), a group of incredibly brave and intelligent girls from Pretoria High School have spoken out against 'rules' which limit them from w