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Fred Khumalo on Things Even González Can't Fix

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“Of all the ways you can kill yourself, using a bottle of tomato sauce is, I suspect, uncommon, says the narrator in this unusually frank account of a life of addiction. To which I might add: of all the ways to kill a person, pummelling him or her to death with knobkerries of dry humour is equally uncommon. 
“Writing about addiction is risky business. The writer risks being preachy and self-righteous, or fucking boring and judgmental. In this no-holds-barred tale, Chilimigras achieves 
an unusual feat of sharing some intimate slices of a life dangerously lived, without being melodramatic or over the top. It’s a controlled confession littered with landmines of 
dangerous humour, the kind that will get you kicked out of bed if you, like me, are one of those who do a lot of reading in it. 
“But when you’re finished laughing you can’t help but sit back and think. Very hard.”
– Fred Khumalo, author of Dancing the Death Drill

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