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Where to buy Things Even González Can't Fix

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Farm Table

Farm Table has settled in on Linden 6th Street, and to say it makes me feel giddy to live in this freshly bustling neighbourhood is an understatement. The store is a supplier of only the finest local produce, and quite literally enables you to have farm-fresh, hormone free goodies in your home. Whether you’re looking for eggs that come from happily free-to-roam chickens, milk that is fresher than you’ve likely tasted before, or a juice cleanse that is as delicious as it is effective, they have

We Tried Some of the Crazy Sex Positions We've Recommended to You

We Tried Some of the Crazy Sex Positions We've Recommended to You When it came time for the COSMO team to dive into the deep end of their own lives for #COSMOTries, I knew it was finally my time to shine. Guys, I may not be the fittest or the strongest, but when it comes to sliding between beds and headboards and queefing on the way down, I’m ya girl. Because it’s easy to fall into a sex routine and somehow always end up in your fave of all the positions (doggy, duh), I decided to try out some

2000 Mentally Ill Patients Facing Homelessness in Gauteng

In October 2015, Gauteng Health MEC Qedani Mahlangu confirmed that the province would be ending their contract with Life Esidimeni – a mental healthcare facility that has been providing specialised care for the last 40 years. The facilities will close on the 31 March 2016, and family members of those who live in the facilities are uncertain what the future holds for their loved ones. According to the Daily Maverick, Gauteng spent R323 million in 2014 and 2015 on treating the 2378 patients in th

10 Things to Know Before Dating a Greek

10 Things to Know Before Dating a Greek Ah, to be Greek. We love big, we love crazy, and if you can look past the red boiled eggs perching in old-ass bowls rimmed in gold around our house four months after Easter, you’re in for a damn treat. But be warned, there are 10 things you absolutely must know before dating us. 1 We’re screamers When you’re with us at a family gathering, you’ll be mildly horrified by the fact that we all murderously scream at one another. Don’t be alarmed: we tend to

Shibari: the Art of Rope Bondage

When we hear ‘BDSM’, we often think of whips, chains and, let’s be honest, Christian Grey. A lot of the beauty of the BDSM practice is buried under false impressions, and perhaps for this reason, the art of Shibari has flown under the radar. We spoke to Jesse Flanagan, a 34-year-old fetish photographer and Shibari rigger, to find out more about Shibari. How long have you been a fetish photographer and rigger? I’ve been doing fetish photography for about five years now, and rigging for about

Secret Sunday Brunch at The Cookery

After writing a post about 5 brunch spots worth a visit in Jozi, I got an email from a man named Emilio asking if I’d like to visit Secret Sunday Brunch at The Cookery in the Colony centre. Show me someone who has turned down brunch and I’ll show you someone sans a soul.   With that, me and three of my favourites dragged our asses and our hangovers (thank you, Good Luck Bar) out of bed on Sunday morning and headed to a cooking class/party/cocktail session.   I had never heard of The Cook

Vlismas Takes A Hit At White Privilege

On Saturday I went to a John Vlismas comedy show called ‘The Good Racist’, only to be bombarded a few days later by the social media frenzy surrounding the latest battle being fought by black youth just over the pond in Pretoria. In case you've missed it (which we doubt as social media is in a worthwhile uproar over racist double-standards in the schooling system), a group of incredibly brave and intelligent girls from Pretoria High School have spoken out against 'rules' which limit them from w